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Friday, 19 October 2018

New Scintillating Romantic Suspense from Seelie Kay - Snatching Dianna - Out Now!

Snatching Dianna 
Feisty Lawyers, bk 1
Seelie Kay

(Released10/19 by eXtasy Books)


The hours are counting down as investigators try to prove that Dianna Murphy has been snatched. Unfortunately, without witnesses and solid evidence, all the police really know is that she is missing.

When suburban Milwaukee law student Dianna Murphy fails to connect with her roommate, there is no real evidence that she has been snatched. Until Law Professor Janet MacLachlan, a former covert agent, discovers a single clue, one that points to a taking by a slave trafficking cartel. In a race against time, Janet recruits her husband, secret agent Cade Matthews, small-town Police Chief David Manders and his wife, criminal defense attorney Julianna Constant, and other law students to uncover the truth. Can they prove she has been taken, before Dianna disappears without a trace?

Romantic Suspense (Three Flames)

* * * FROM THE AUTHOR * * *

MILWAUKEE, WILaw student Dianna Murphy is missing, but with no witnesses and no evidence, the Little River, WI police are stymied.

Until a singular clue points to a slave trafficking cartel. Then it’s a race against time as the police, a law professor, law students, and secretive government agents trace Dianna to Morocco and attempt to rescue her from the auction block. However, Dianna isn’t the only one in peril. The man masterminding the auction has also decided to claim one of the hunters as his own: A certain “luscious law professor.”

Called “intricate, fast-paced, and gripping” by an early reviewer, Snatching Dianna is author and lawyer Seelie Kay’s first attempt at romantic suspense. It is Book One of her new Feisty Lawyers series. The book was released today, October 19, by eXtasy Books.

Kay says she wrote the book for two reasons. “First, when writing the Kinky Briefs series, there were certain couples I fell in love with--The Sheikh and his American lawyer wife who sue terrorists on behalf of their victims, the police chief with a fondness for handcuffs and his criminal defense attorney wife who seek to right injustice, and a covert agent and his law professor wife, who are smart, funny, and incredibly hot,” she said. “Each of these couples have wonderful relationships and incredible lives. And each and every one of them is dedicated to preserving justice. So, I wanted their stories to continue.”

Second, Kay said, the plot “permitted me to focus on the continuing problem of slave trafficking as well as the investigative issues behind finding a missing adult. In this story, there is no evidence and no witnesses. It’s takes a lot of investigative savvy to piece together seemingly unrelated clues. It was a complex puzzle and I wanted readers to get a sense of how difficult it was to solve.”

Snatching Dianna is currently available on the publisher’s website ( as an eBook.  It will also be sold as an eBook and paperback by other major booksellers, including Barnes & Noble, and

Amazon:  Coming soon

Barnes and Noble:  Coming soon

After what seemed like hours in the sweltering van, it lurched to a stop.

Dianna heard a man bark orders. A door to the van opened and someone pulled the rope from her feet, then removed her hood. She took a deep breath.  A man grabbed her by the arm, forced to her feet, and pulled from the van. Dianna stumbled when she hit the ground. The stones were hot and her feet were covered by athletic socks, no shoes. Show no weakness.

Dianna immediately surveyed her surroundings. It was still night, but she was in a well-lit courtyard. A large stone mansion stood in front of her. She looked to her right, then her left. The courtyard was enclosed by a large stone fence, at least eight feet high. A fortress. Fortunately, Dianna was a rock-climber. She could rappel over the fence with the right equipment. All she would need was something to serve as a pick, maybe a rope. A knife, a screwdriver, even a fork. Keep your eyes and ears open. Be ready.

A large black man, dressed in a white suit and a maroon turban, walked out of the front door and down the stairs. He stopped and flashed a malevolent smile. He flung his arms wide and in a cultured baritone boomed, “Welcome to paradise, ladies. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

Some of the guards laughed.

“Crikey,” Tillie muttered. “Sounds like a blasted genie.”

Dianna glanced sideways and for the first time, got a look at her new friend. She was tall and thin, her body well defined. She looked strong and aware, almost fierce. Her eyes seemed to be studying the place, taking everything in. She showed no fear. Instead, she seemed interested. Something was off. Tillie did not act like a victim as the others did. She was not cowed. Was she a cop? Or like Dianna, someone who would not permit themselves to be broken?

There was only one thing of which Dianna was certain. She had found a friend. A useful one.

Seelie Kay is a nom de plume for a writer, editor, and author with more than 30 years of experience in law, journalism, marketing, and public relations. When she writes about love and lust in the legal world, something kinky is bound to happen!  In possession of a wicked pen and an overly inquisitive mind, Ms. Kay is the author of multiple works of fiction, including the Kinky Briefs series, The Garage Dweller, A Touchdown to Remember, and The President’s Wife. 

When not spinning her kinky tales, Ms. Kay ghostwrites nonfiction for lawyers and other professionals. She resides in a bucolic exurb outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she shares a home with her son and enjoys opera, gourmet cooking, organic gardening, and an occasional bottle of red wine.

Ms. Kay is an MS warrior and ruthlessly battles the disease on a daily basis. Her message to those diagnosed with MS:  Never give up. You define MS, it does not define you!

Prior Books:

* * * Coming soon * * *

Infamy (Part Two, Feisty Lawyers):  TBD
Cult (Part Three, Feisty Lawyers): TBD
Chasing Hope (Divorce Divas anthology): January 2019
The President’s Daughter (Stocking Stuffer): December 2018

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Beyond Romance: Welcome the month of magic! #99cents #freebooks #g...

Beyond Romance: Welcome the month of magic! #99cents #freebooks #g...: It’s finally here — October, the month of magic. We’re counting down to Halloween, that thrilling, haunted night when we can become some...

Those devilish Cairnnon Twins are at it again!

Enjoy a +18 teaser from the third book in the Lustful Possession Series - The Fall of Cairnnon Castle 

#erotic #timetravel #paranormal

The next day, with a healthy, new blush upon her face, Nevaeh accompanied her sisters to break the fast. 

Hualryn met her as she approached the trestle table. With everyone observing their interaction, he leaned in and placed a chaste kiss to her cheek. 

“Hualryn!” she rebuked, in a whisper. 

“Don’t look at me like that.” Hual grinned. “Everyone here knows ’tis only a matter of vows. Where did ya disappear to last eve?” 

“I couldna verra well stay all night, could I now?” she murmured, taking the chair he proffered. 

“Well, I missed ya. Ye’ll have to make it up to me.” 

A server placed a bowl of gruel before her. Just as Nev was about to lift her spoon, a group of Hualryn’s men joined them, boisterous and loud as always. 

“Nevaeh McBenn, soon to be O’Cairnnon”—Hual smiled— ”welcome my brother, SaBástienne O’Cairnnon.” 

Nev turned her attention from her intended to his sibling. Her smile slipped a little. In looks they were almost identical. She’d had no idea they were twins. She would have thought the overblown O’Cairnnon legend would have included such a significant fact in its folklore. 

Without a word, SaBástienne nodded in greeting. His gaze was so intense, it was unnerving. He stared straight through her. 

“Gud morn, My Lord,” she began, but had to pause to clear her throat. “’Tis a pleasure to finally meet you.” 

The corner of his generous mouth lifted as he continued to peer right into her eyes. A trickle of awareness slithered up her spine. 

Where Hualryn’s eyes were playful and mischievous, SaBástienne’s were piercing and calculating. 

Unable to look away from him, she scrambled for something to say, but could think of nothing. 

Slowly, he wet his lips with his tongue, and she was mesmerized by the action. Another shiver of responsiveness shook her, and a heaviness settled into her lower abdomen. Normally, she only experienced that kind of reaction to Hual. Something familiar danced in her mind. She tried to push it away. He reminds me of Hual, of course. That is all it is. 

Nev pried her gaze from his and turned her attention to the meal as conversation went on around her. She ate mechanically, not tasting. 
“Nev... Nevaeh.” 

Hearing her name, she blinked. 

“Are ya all right, lass?” Hual asked. Concern etched his handsome features. 

“Aye?” she questioned. 

“Yor cheeks were bloomin’ with color when you first arrived, and now ya are white as a sheet.” 

“I am fine. Perhaps a tad weary, I suppose.” 

“You and Bástienne both seem as if ya are in need of a wee nap.” Hual and his man resumed their exchange. 

As she listened in, she was shaken to learn that Bástienne and his men had been attacked on their journey to Cairnnon. By all accounts, it had been a brutal assault, and a battle had ensued—although Hual’s sibling did not look the worse for wear. For a man who had troops dying in the barracks, he seemed completely at ease and undisturbed by the violence and inhumanity of it all. 

Though she was absorbed in Hualryn’s version of events, she couldn’t help but continue to compare the brothers. Feature for feature, they were as near as two people could be. Yet their personalities presented a cavern-sized difference. Where Hual was animated and social as he spoke of Bástienne’s feats during the battle, the man himself remained silent, nearly brooding, neither adding to nor crowing about his triumph. 

“Now that we are back together, Bástienne and me, we will be unstoppable. I will assume the title, but we will rule as one. I am a born leader, and Bás, a natural soldier. I will command the castle and its folk, and SaBástienne will defend us.” 

Unable to help herself, Nev slanted her gaze to Bástienne. 

Deliberately, he dipped his index finger into the swirl of honey that sat atop his gruel. He lifted the digit to his generous mouth and sucked at the sticky substance, all the while keeping her engaged. The gesture, coupled with his extreme regard, tripped an image in her memory—her knees over his shoulders, right before he bent his head and kissed her most intimately. It was as if he’d just wrapped his full lips around the tiny nub of nerves between her legs. She suffered a visceral reaction. Her lower body flooded with heat while the rest of her filled with shame. 

Bástienne, pushed his chair out and stood. “If ya will excuse me... sweeting,” he exaggerated the endearment. 

With it hanging between them, he walked away, leaving her no doubt. 

Dear God! It wasn’t Hualryn I lay with last eve. It was SaBástienne!

She gasped. Her cheeks grew hot, her stomach roiled as the realization of what she’d done seeped into her. Nev jumped up from the table and ran from the hall. Hualryn yelled her name behind her. That’s why he’d asked where she’d disappeared to. To him, she’d deserted him. 

Bástienne the Dark was too tame a designation to encompass the immense wickedness of the man!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Beyond Romance: Charity Sunday: For the children in Sulawesi - #Ch...

Beyond Romance: Charity Sunday: For the children in Sulawesi - #Ch...: It seems that every day brings a new story of some horrific disaster. Many of my friends and family in the US are reeling from the...

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Book Tour + #Giveaway - The Thorne Brothers - by Lee Kilraine @LeeKilraine #contemporary #romance

Give and Take
The Thorne Brothers #2
Lee Kilraine

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

* * * Pub Date: 9/18/2018 * * *

Six Brothers Construction was built to reunite a family and heal a painful past. So far it’s opened to rave reviews. But the youngest sibling is about to discover that the right woman can shake even a rock-solid foundation

Wyatt Thorne was so traumatized by his mother’s abandonment he didn’t speak until he was six. At 26, he’s still the quiet type—strong and silent, most comfortable with a hammer in his hand and work to do. But the reassuring rhythm of his life is interrupted when his brother Beckett decides to pay forward their unused office space to a needy start-up. Enter Rhia Hollis, flighty, impulsive, and outspoken—everything that drives Wyatt crazy. Only this time in the sexiest, most irresistible way.

Rhia is determined to disprove her reckless, party girl image by making her new company, Seize the Day, the premier event planning firm in Raleigh. She has big dreams, and the Thornes’ offer of a free command center is a huge help. But Wyatt’s gruff, stubborn resistance to her presence is an annoying hindrance. They’re as different as night and day, yet when they begin to meet in the middle, the sparks fly hot. Is this a case of opposites distract—or the beginning of a beautiful long-term project?

Give It Up
The Thorne Brothers #1

Beckett. Asher. Gray. Eli. Ryker. Wyatt. Five out of six very different brothers reunited—and working to make their construction firm a success. But oldest brother Beckett just found their major new project becoming one hard and sexy challenge . . .

A rough childhood tore Beckett and his brothers apart. It took everything he had to track them down and establish Six Brothers Construction. He only trusts them—and his drive to win. Now if SBC can build a billionaire team owner’s much-hyped new mansion, it will put them on the map—and finally fulfill Beckett’s promise to take care of his siblings. Too bad he’ll have to collaborate with hot new rival Samantha Devine, who’s throwing him curves on-site, out-the-box . . . and between the sheets.

Sam knows from experience that arrogant good-ole-boy Beckett is long, strong, and built to go the distance. But this is her only shot to prove she and her fledgling design company can succeed on her own terms. She’ll match Beckett’s expertise by day—and reignite the explosive heat between them by night. But when passion threatens to become real love, will this competition separate them for good . . . or make the sizzling collaboration of a lifetime?

A former Air Force spouse, Lee Kilraine moved seven
times over eighteen years before finally settling with her husband in the pine woods of North Carolina. She has worked as a physical therapy aide, a cashier, a waitress, an English tutor, a ballet teacher and a stay-at-home mom. Holding tight to her mother’s motto, “There’s nothing you can’t do if you try hard enough,”
Lee returned to college as an adult and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Writing thirty-one papers in two years (she counted) rekindled her love of writing, and she set her sights on her other dream—writing romance. When she isn’t swinging on her front porch swing or watching another of their four young adult children leave the nest (she swears she isn’t pushing
them out!), you can find her typing away on her computer with her
golden retriever, Harley, destroying something at her feet. Lee is a
2014 Golden Heart® Finalist.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!

Friday, 5 October 2018

Book Tour - The Hotter They Come - by Roxanne D. Howard @RoxanneDHoward #Romance

The Hotter They Come

Romancing the Seas #1
Roxanne D. Howard

Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Piper’s job sends her undercover to spy on Jack - the beyond sexy hook-up she can’t stop thinking about - she is forced to decide if her job is more important than her happiness.


Captain Jack Spencer owns and runs a whale watching company, Ahoy, Matey. When his business takes off, a jealous rival wants him and his company gone. Jack has no idea the delectable Piper Goldhirsch is tasked with scuttling everything he's worked for - he's too caught up in their magnetic attraction and her web of lies.

​Piper Goldhirsch, head reporter for the tabloid TV show Business Buster, is all work and no play. When she and the all too tempting Jack Spencer have a one-night stand that turns out to be the greatest sex of her life, she is haunted by the powerful magic between them. Sent undercover to expose his whale watching business, she is torn between her assignment and the first man she has ever wanted. With her happiness on the line, Piper has only one choice.

Roxanne D. Howard is a romance novelist who resides in the mid-western United States. She is a RWA PAN member. She loves to read poetry, classical literature, and Stephen King. She is also an avid Star Wars fan, musical theater nut, and loves everything related to marine biology.

She is the proud mother of two beautiful girls, several pets, and loves to spend time with her husband and children when she's not writing.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!